It started like…


When I came up with the idea of creating a short film series and I told that to my husband, he said “It is a great idea, but you’ll need a team to do it! Team that covers the professional and also the film-maker side.”

He was right… and not less I needed the enthusiastic and constant support of my family.

First, I asked the opinion of Dr. Miklós Szabó, who is Head of Department at Pediatrics and Pediatric Health Center Nr. I. NICU, he sent me to the Right(s) Beside You Association, where he is also a member. There I talked to Dr. Csaba Nádor and Lívia Nagy, who have seen potential in the films and I can never be grateful enough for them to support me in this project. They gave tremendous professional insight but played also a great part in putting the team together. The series became our joint project and the Life in the NICU films were created with the contribution of the Right(s) Beside You Association.


Second, I visited my dear friend, Ildikó Zelinka, who has become an indispensable asset of the project throughout her experience in the film-making industry. Very quickly, in a matter of minutes, she was grasped by the nature and importance of the subject and has since been a great admirer of premature babies. Her views as an "outsider", as a professional and, last but not least, as a mother have given something special to both the interviews and the pictures presented.

Ildi, my dear, thank you very much.


To make this project come true, Abbvie helped greatly with becoming the main sponsor of the Life in the NICU films. Thank you for your support.

We’ve became familiar with he program “I know your voice” during our stay at the Pediatrics and Pediatric Health Center Nr. I., NICU. We’ve sung a lot together and the help they have given us is simply indescribable by words. Our good connection has lasted even after we left to our home, therefore we came up with the wonderful idea to have the opening-closing songs of the Life in the NICU films sang by Timi Hazay, selected by the Hungarian folk songs we’ve known so well from the NICU.

Thanks for the contribution of “I know your voice” program and Timi Hazay.


When looking for background music, I came across a very nice CD (Emi Bizek – Dreamy Music for Babies and Mommies Series vol. 2), which my kids listened to fall asleep. I knew that this would be perfect: a pleasant, relaxed, soft music that, with its subtlety, breaks down and balances out our topics where they are difficult or overly professional.

Thank you very much for letting us use the music.

Additionally, thanks to all the mommies and daddies for the pictures that they’ve sent, they enriched the Life in the NICU films made them very lifelike.

Thanks to my friends, Éva Bada, for being a figurant in my films and dr. Krisztina Csalló to participate in the legal affairs of Life in the NICU series.

And finally, I thank to my family, especially to my husband, for helping me and making it possible to spend my time and energy on this project.