Purpose and episodes of the series


These short films were made with the purpose of informing the parents of premature babies in various topics during their stay in NICU and right after discharge. We’ve selected topics that affect (or at least should affect) every parent of any premature baby and play important role in care and development of preemies. Our goal was too, that independently of the caring institute, the parents get to know their possibilities regarding to their babies feeding, development and serve the purpose of establishing a much closer connection with their baby or processing their own emotions and difficult situation.

The series provides aid for the parents in 9 themes: Fathers in NICU, Vaccinations, Prevention of Infections, Grief, Feeding of Preterm Babies, Kangaroo Care (Skin-to-Skin Contact), Life after NICU, NICU Nurse Portraits, Parental Emotions



In the series Life in the NICU we approach each topic from multiple perspectives with analysing it from various aspects. In each episode speak many: doctors, nurses, parents and representatives of other branches like psychologists or lactation consultants. The point of our methodology is to present each theme from many sides: from the professional and medical care aspect but on the other hand also from the parental, recipient side, especially to learn from all their related emotions and experiences.

Fathers in NICU


Prevention of Infections


Feeding of Preterm Babies

Kangaroo Care (Skin-to-Skin Contact)

Life after NICU

NICU Nurse Portraits

Parental Emotions